Plumbing and Electrical Rough-in

After trying to get a few estimates locally and not being impressed, we decided to have the original builder Kenny and his guys come back to wire the electrical rough-in and do the plumbing. They basically built the entire house except for pouring the concrete foundation and basement. We now have electricity, porch lights and Kenny placed some cheap contractor lights throughout the house. The well guys came back and hooked up a pressure tank and put the pump in the well – the water is clear and really good! I was a bit worried it might have sediment but it tastes good – we have a house filter and then use a Pur fridge filter for drinking water. Kenny picked up the 40 gallon water heater I bought at the Lowes in Parkersburg near his home, and then I had the clawfoot tub delivered to 84 Lumber we used for all the building supplies. We brought a one piece toilet and a tiny corner sink and it all fits! I would never get a two piece toilet again, no chance this one will leak. For the plumbing they used a system called Pex, its freeze resistant and instead of having shut offs under each fixture they are all in a manifold in the basement making it really easy to drain. Here are some pics, we will be going back up next weekend to clean, and then saving money to start more projects and furnish it in the spring!

Bennett Bluff 011 Bennett Bluff 012 Bennett Bluff 013 Bennett Bluff 015 Bennett Bluff 017 Bennett Bluff 018 Bennett Bluff 019 Bennett Bluff 020 Bennett Bluff 021 Bennett Bluff 022 Bennett Bluff 023 Bennett Bluff 024


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