Spirit Guides.

Everyone defines the term “spirit guides” differently, and connecting and communicating with them seems ever elusive for most people.  Some folks think of them as family or loved ones that have crossed over and have messages to give us.  But although they may present themselves to you in familiar forms to make initial contact with you easier, they are usually not family or folks you have interacted with in this lifetime, but rather entities you have made prior agreements with in the higher dimensions before incarnating for this lifetime.  They are there to guide you and provide information when you are ready to receive it, and to ultimately keep you on your highest spiritual path.

The fact of the matter is that you most likely are already communicationg with your guides and do not even realize it.  You can connect and receive information from them in dream state or when meditating and quieting your mind.  If you receive some information that you clearly know did not come from your logical mind then it is most likely your guides feeding it you – they are sneaky that way.  When you wake up from dreams and are physically sore or mentally exhausted it usually means that you have been in “soul school” or off working with your guides in some fashion while your physical body was sleeping – (and you just thought your waking hours were busy!)  If you feel stuck in some area of you life, the next time you get still or meditate try asking your guides a question beforehand and see what answers may come during the meditation.  You can also use an affirmation/exercise such as ‘I am open and ready to receive any and all information from my spirit guides that is in my highest good..’ Repeat this every day for a week and again, see what information you receive that does not feel as if it came from your logical mind.  You may not see a physical human presence or hear a human-like voice, but we all have spirit guides and they are in communication with you on some level all the time, whether you realize it or not.

The number of guides you have can vary from week to week, and different soul groups and numbers of guides can have different meanings.  For example if you have 9 it generally means your soul is nearing the end of it’s lifetimes in the Earth School and your spirit does not have too many incarnations here left to make.  Also during times of transformation or change in your life, archways or portals may open to allow more guides to come through to assist you in your transformation and spiritual growth; sometimes large numbers.  Just as we choose our parents and family groups you have made agreements with the spirit guide groups on the other side prior to incarnating.  And the biggest kicker of all?  In between your various lifetimes you probably served as a spirit guide yourself in some capacity to other souls that were incarnating, and you will definitely play the role of spirit guide again once your earthly incarnations are complete.


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