West Virginia Property

Last year in June my partner and I bought 27 acres up in the Panhandle of West Virginia. it’s about 2 hours 15 minutes from Washington DC, & the drive out is just beautiful. You pass the Shenandoah range in Virginia and then after going through the tiny town of Wardensville, WV you are on the relatively new, huge Robert C. Byrd highway. There is nothing but green mountains on either side of you. It’s about 25 minutes past Lost River, which has become a popular vacation & second property destination for gay Washingtonians. There is a really nice General Store and Inn owned by two women, as well as a gay B&B/resort/resto owned by two fellows which is nice. Our acreage is located within the development known as Ashton Woods just outside Moorefield. The development was created and sold about 10 years ago and was logged over 90 years ago – it is over 10,000 acres with gates and 40 miles of roads within the community. The guy we bought from is a lawyer in Alexandria and he had created a long driveway with two clearings – the driveway crosses a decent sized stream named Stony Run which flows all along our property & is very nice. He also had a huge metal shipping container brought in, which we found was filled with everything we needed and would have had to buy – tools, camping supplies, containers of rice and seeds, as well as water and filters, and even ammo (which we will sell). Cooking supplies, and even a huge tent and subzero sleeping bags still had tags on them from Cabelas! Even with all the improvements and supplies we still were able to pay less for the property than what he bought it for in 2001, due to the declining economy and real estate market.

After exactly one night of sleeping in the tent I got on Craigslist and bought a used pop-up camper. It’s really nice and has two king sized beds, indoor/outdoor gas stoves, sink, toilet and indoor/outdoor showers too. The only thing we have not been able to get to work is the hot water heater. It has heat and we run off of a 12 volt DC battery which I keep charged with solar panels. Our goal is to eventually build a log cabin up there in the back corner on a bluff that looks out on a ravine and nice mountain views. There are many steps to get ready for that though – this year we are extending the driveway & clearing the build site, and after that comes well, septic and finally running the utilities – we want them underground which is more expensive too. it’s very relaxing and peaceful up there, and if I get internet connectivity I can even telework from there some. We have seen lots of deer, wild turkeys, & heard coyotes and even seen a mama bear * three cubs! I got a motion camera so I’ll be posting pics of what it captures too.

Here are some pictures of the property –

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SQL Server DBA working for the Federal gov't and enjoying life in the nation's capital. I enjoy sailing, hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, travel, museums, technology and wine.
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