MomStyleIcons Has Nothing on Una Mae.

Recently I came across an article in the DC Express Night Out about a blog with old photos of folks’ stylish Moms –  Lots of great entries, but I have so many fabulous pics of the women in my family I think I could double the size of the site!  So I decided to start my own here – from my wonderful grandmother in her 1920’s flapper-esque outfits, great hats and finger waves, to my Mom in the 40’s in fabulous home-sewn bathing suits, cashmere sweaters with pearls and wavy hair rolled on bobby socks (no curlers back then), to my sister’s crazy styles over the years, the Flowers family has the “Decades of Fashion” thing on lock-down.

Una Mae

First up is my maternal grandmother, Una Mae Bartholomew (née Dickens) from Louisburg, NC.  The only girl in a family of 5 kids, her mother died during childbirth in 1921.  Una’s younger brother Kirk then had to go live with another family until he was three – they had to find what was called a “wet nurse” as infant formula was non-existent.  Life was hard, but Una Mae always managed to shine with style – eternally stick-thin, she wore fab hats, most of which I still have, kept her hair short and styled it with finger waves.  I love the pictures with old cars in them, and there is also one with her and my aunt on a trip to the Maggie Valley in the NC mountains, which prob took forever as roads were mostly dirt back then – but even bumping along a day’s worth of dirt roads didnt keep them from looking stylish!

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