MomStyleIcons Has Nothing on Collette.


My mother Collette was born in 1928 in Wilson, NC.  She was one of the last of a dying breed – the true magnolia-mouth Southern Belle.  Listening to her speak was like watching honey dripping off a ripe peach, and it wasn’t just the wonderful slow sultry accent, but also the way she turned a phrase. As is the case with all southern women, most of what she said could be taken as the highest compliment, or if you thought long enough, the lowest insult – bless her heart!  She was glam beyond glam for the 1940’s and 50’s, looking like a cross between Barbara Stanwick and Vivien Leigh.  My father was a professional baseball player in the 50’s for the Red Sox and several other teams, and one winter they travelled to Caracas, Venezuela so he could play winter ball there – he even shook Fidel Castros hand on the way down – nuts!  Alot of the slides are more vibrant than pictures and show her distinctive beachy style (white sunglasses, capri pants) well into the late 50’s.

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